What do you believe?

    belief1-190x140For those of you that are familiar with my keynote called The Totally Mental Makeover you know that it’s a totally mental dose of bizarre mind games mixed with a fun yet strong dose of “let’s get it done” content. I like to WOW the audience with the art of mentalism by revealing things people are simply thinking of and then I hit it home with my message.

    My message is taken from my 3 step strategy of Belief, Tenacity and Expectation. Today, your humble blogger/speaker/mental dude sits behind his laptop in sunny Florida and starts a 3 part blogging extravaganza (while most of the country freezes) and blogs about strategy numero uno. BELIEF Belief is the most important strategy any of us can posses. If we set out to accomplish something worthwhile we must first have a belief that it can be done.

    If not, we’ll never get off the couch. Something inside us has to say “hey, this is my goal and it’s going to happen. But… far more important than believing something can be done, we must first believe is something bigger and better and that my friend is believing in YOU.  The most important success strategy any of us can posses is an undying, unwavering belief in ourselves and our abilities. Look at anybody who’s done anything of greatness.

    Michael Jordan for example: He was cut from his high school basketball team. But he believed in himself and wouldn’t be stopped. Steve Jobs… armed with a new product and a belief in himself and his abilities created the biggest company in the world. Sara Blakely spent 8 hours per day buckling people into rides at Disney World to becoming a billionaire by inventing Spanx. The list goes on and on and on. There are many levels of greatness.

    To some greatness may mean money, to some it may mean success in your relationships, your health or your job. Regardless, to be great at anything we must believe we can do whatever it is we set our minds to. Story time… Once upon a time an eagle laid an egg. Somehow the egg made its way to a chicken coop. A chicken found the egg and treated it as her own. She incubated the egg and a short time later a baby eaglet was born.

    The chicken taught the eaglet to do everything a chicken would do. He pecked at the dist for food. Flapped its wings and strutted around the chicken coop just like the other chickens. One day the young eagle was walking outside and looked upward and saw an eagle flying above. He thought to himself, “Wow, how majestic, how beautiful, graceful. If only I could have such freedom.

    The young eagle lived as a chicken and died as a chicken only because he believed he was a chicken. Don’t let anyone or anything limit you or your beliefs. If you believe you can… you can!