Transplant Transformation

From Death’s Door to Living Large Michael C. Anthony was already an award winning presenter and keynote speaker when his world came to a screeching halt. His doctors informed him that he had advanced kidney disease and he was failing fast. He had the choice of a life of dialysis or to be put on the transplant waiting list. He didn’t have to choose either. Michael’s brother quickly stepped in to offer his kidney, but it wouldn’t be that simple. Never one to take the obvious path, Michael searched for the most cutting edge treatments or surgeries the world had to offer.

kidneyHe found and was eventually selected to take part in a kidney, stem cell / bone marrow transplant research program at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This intense journey involved high dose chemotherapy, total body radiation, and of course the stem cell / bone marrow and kidney transplant. Michael says “at my darkest hour I would have begged them to pull the plug if I had the strength to speak….and if there had been a plug.” The aggressive protocol offered the potential of total recovery without the need of lifelong and potentially potent immunosuppressive medication. This seemed impossible but it was the ultimate goal.

The research program was a long, exhausting and exhilarating experience, which is proving to be the Holy Grail of organ transplant protocols. Michael is and continues to be one of only a small handful of people in the world living with a transplanted organ without the need of life long anti-rejection medications. Michael’s natural ability to connect with his audiences is what has made him a successful, award-winning presenter. His inspiring and hilarious stories will delight any audience. They’ll be on the edge of their seats as he shares stories from his gratitude toward his brother to his story of fainting in the shower only to be found by four nurses.

Michael’s goals are to motivate, empower and inspire others to overcome any obstacles or adversity they may have in their own lives. His gratitude toward healthcare professionals and living life to its fullest shines bright throughout his presentation…so much so that it’s contagious.