The Totally Mental Makeover

Body Language Ninjar

Available in Motivation, Leadership & Sales versions.

Get ready for great content and a whole lot of fun. Michael C. Anthony’s “Totally Mental Makeover”, is an inspiring keynote program that entertains your group while motivating them to reach for the next level. Their minds will be inspired and blown at the same time.

And how does this happen? Michael uses his unique style of comedy mind reading to extend the reach of his message. Your audience will be stunned as Michael predicts how much change a spectator has in his pocket. They’ll gasp as he tells somebody else what word they are thinking of. He will even send you a sealed envelope that will predict what you will wear to the event. Hard to Believe? Believe it.

But that’s only the beginning. Interlaced throughout the comedy and hijinx is a high content message that will challenge your participants to push forward and accept no limitations.

The content is based on Michael’s 3 point “cut to the chase” model of Belief, Tenacity & Expectation. He shares stories and uses the humor as a metaphor to make the points hit home.

  • Belief – Participants are taught to believe in themselves, in their abilities and in their organization. Our beliefs are the most powerful success strategy we can ever have.
  • Tenacity – The importance of hard work, perseverance  and a “never stop”,  “never give up” attitude is what separates high achievers from those that give up.
  • Expectation – Michael expresses the importance of expecting great results. A person rarely achieves more than he/she expects to achieve.  Expect the best and get it. ML King.

Michael doesn’t believe in delivering a dull message. He believes people learn more when they are laughing. They should be intrigued and sitting on the edge of their seats wanting more.

It’s hilarious. It’s engaging. It’s interactive. It’s The “Totally Mental Makeover”!