Keynote Take Aways

Michael’s keynote (The Totally Mental Makeover) is a laugh a minute, mind-boggling and inspiring presentation that won’t soon be forgotten. It is full on audience participation where the audience actually LOVES participating.

Michael’s comedy mind-reading is used as the engine to push his points forward in a simple and effective way. Michael believes that participants learn and remember more when they are having fun. Although there is a lot of fun, Michael understands his primary purpose which is fire up, inspire and deliver information you want your participants to hear. The primary takeaways from The Totally Mental Makeover are based on Michael’s 3 strategies to success, BELIEF, TENACITY and EXPECTATION…

BELIEF, What do you believe? And sometimes just as importantly, What don’t you believe? Our belief system makes us who we are. Our beliefs will define how far we go and they will define our limitations. Do you believe in yourself and in your organization? When we believe and have a passion for our work we quickly discover that we can do what others can’t. We set out goals higher and we begin to work together to achieve what may have once been considered impossible.

TENACITY, How high is up? Tenacity is that never give up, always ploughing through attitude. It’s thinking smarter than the competition and knowing you can when others have stopped trying. Michael shares real life stories of people that had great tenacity and against all odds went on to have incredible success. i.e. Michael Jordan, Beethoven, J.K. Rowling, Elvis Presley and Walt Disney.

Michael also shares this important maxim of what our brain might say to us if it could speak…

You and I are constant companions I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
I can lead you to your greatest achievements or drag you down to your darkest failures,
the choice is yours.

I can be run for profit or for ruin, it doesn’t make a difference to me.
Train me, mold me, direct me, be firm with me and I’ll lay the world at your feet.
Go easy on me and I’ll ruin you.

EXPECTATION, The law of expectation tells us that whatever we expect with confidence becomes a self fulfilling prophesy in our own lives. When we expect great things to happen, they often will. If we expect failure, pain and unhappiness we will usually find that as well. Michael emphasizes that your group should expect the greatest results from themselves and to expect great results from their organization as they are the driving force behind its ultimate success.

A clever unwritten beatitude is as follows: “Blessed is the man that expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed.”

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