Is hard work really necessary?

    Hello happy blog readers, Michael C. Anthony here.
    I’m currently 35,000 feet in the air somewhere between Washington DC and Tampa, FL …almost home.
    Today I continue on my 3 step strategy for success. Belief, Tenacity and Expectation. We are on to step two…can you guess it? Ahhh, yes, Tenacity.
    Before we go on…

    if you haven’t read my previous blog on belief, please do so now. The steps are designed to be cyclical in nature and they work off one another and should be developed in order. So go ahead, I’ll wait.

    OK, welcome back if you left us. :)

    As you likely know, Tenacity is an attribute that allows one to be…well… tenacious. It’s that never stop, never give up attitude that seems to drive a person like a an unstoppable maniac. A tenacious person sees a wall and goes around it, under it, over it or even through it if necessary…in an ethical manner of course.

    If we want anything in life… Whether its a new career, better health, a new relationship… (hey, don’t be too tenacious on this one, you don’t want the police involved.) Remember no means no as far as a relationship goes. On the other hand if you want to improve an existing relationship be tenacious about it. 

    But I digress, whatever you want, personally or professionally, you must be tenacious. If something is worth having that means it may take some effort to get it and there may be others that want it as well.

    Take sports for example… Do you think professional athletes become professional athletes by getting together with a bunch of friends for a weekly game? No way, the pros are deep into the dirty work. They wake up at 4am and train until they are next to dead… both physically and mentally.

    What about the business person? Same thing folks… If its worth having, you are gonna have to be tenacious about it because other people likely want what you want as well, in face you can count on it.  Competition is fierce in an economy like this.

    How do we build tenacity? We don’t… It comes from deep inside us. The good news is that we all have it. Think of a time you really wanted something and worked non-stop to get it. You had relentless focus and an unmatched determination to get what you already felt was yours for the taking. Tenacity builds upon itself depending on how bad the need or desire is. But beware of tenacities evil counterpart… laziness. If laziness gets in the way of your tenacity, everything grinds to a halt.

    If you are tired of your current situation… if you you want that new skill, that new business or that new promotion, then start working at it. Prove to yourself and everybody else that you are the one that is the most deserving.

    You must first BELIEVE your new goal is within your grasp and then research, re-invent, practice, work longer hours, train harder and take what’s yours.. The ones that want it the most and are willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears are the ones that will get what they want.  It’s always been that way and it always will. Don’t wait on luck… luck only comes to those who are prepared.

    There’s a famous quote by a well known intellectual… a true global thinker who’s name I can’t recall at this moment. Was it Albert Einstein? No…. Mother Teresa? No… Abraham Lincoln? No… it was Larry the Cable Guy. He said, “GIT-R-DONE!”


    Tenaciously yours,