Happy New Year Woo Hoo!

    2015It’s 2015, a new year. A time to think things over. A time to look at what went right last year and a time to look at what may not have gone so right. A time to set new goals, a time to reach for the stars, go for broke and well…you get it.

    For me, last year was a fun one. I wrote a book called Body Language Secrets. It even became a best seller. I created a new keynote called Shut Up & Sell With Your Body. I was cast The Illusionists 2.0 which will be exciting. I toured the country giving keynotes and performing. I even worked on a cruise ship for a hoot.


    My transplanted kidney is working like a champ. Its been over 3 years and I’m on no meds whatsoever. Thank you Joe.

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to look forward… new heights, a new outlook, a new attitude and some new year resolutions.

    Here are my top 10 new year resolutions for 2015…
    Get dressed before noon. Or at the very least, get dressed before I give a presentation.
    Watch more laughing baby videos on YouTube.
    Buy a bigger TV the moment one becomes available.
    Stop kidding myself that Fruit Rollups are fruit.
    Stop kidding myself that Lunchables are lunch.
    Throw a tomato at Mark Zuckerburg for inventing Facebook. It’s his fault that I’m still not dressed.
    Keep up with the exercise.
    Pull the Apple Computer needle from my vein. Just kidding. I love apple. Note to self: Get the Apple Watch when available.
    Stop winking at airport security during my pat down.
    Stop writing blogs that are time wasters. Now, GET BACK TO WORK! :)

    All kidding aside… Happy New Year to you. May you reach new goals, form new empowering habits and have a healthy and prosperous 2015!

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