Breakout Session – All Stressed Out and No One to Choke

“All Stressed Out and No One to Choke” is Michael’s humorous yet insightful look at how to handle and conquer stress. We’ve all experienced stress. Many experience stress daily and for long periods of time. This is very unhealthy.

This standing room only breakout session will teach several techniques and insights to allow attendees to be in charge of their stress instead of stress being in charge of them.



  • Values Hierarchy: Once we learn what is truly our most important values, we will discover which areas of our lives to strictly protect from stress.
  • Breathing:A specific technique on how to breath in an effective way that will make your stress vanish almost immediately.
  • The Head Hanging Technique:This technique will show the user a simple exercise that will relax your body dramatically and relieve tension in your neck, back and arms.
  • The Clench Technique: This technique is almost like an instant massage. It can be done while sitting at a desk.

If you have attendees that deal with stress and anxiety, this session is a MUST!


Download the “All Stresses Out” handout here: