Republican Debate #2

    CNN aired the second Republican Debate last night. Interesting to say the least. It seemed they were looking for bar room brawls more than they were looking for the issues. Regardless, there was plenty on non-verbal communication for us to see.

    Donald Trump continually used the “whip” when turning to another candidate when they spoke. Instead of turning his head to micview the other candidate. he whipped the top half of his body. He wants the current speaker to KNOW he’s listening and he may be attempting to intimidate by making his action so noticeable. Trump (like in the last debate) will often touch the microphone when being attacked or during a difficult situation. This self soothing gesture is a crutch to hold on to. Trump knows the mic is there and it doesn’t need to be adjusted.


    Carly Fiorina was on her game. She came out much more aggressively and confident that the last debate. Her arms and head moved to the beat of her words which is pleasing to the viewer and helps her to be heard. She was the whole package. Body carlylanguage aside, she was well spoken and very presidential.

    Jeb Bush, although he spoke better and had more energy his body language showed otherwise at times. When he said “I’m my own man”, he shrugged his shoulders as if to may “I’m not too sure. He showed uncertainty. When asked if he was controlled by his donors he said “no” but subtly shook his head “yes”


    Ben Carson, although remarkably intelligent, is not showing the physical or verbal Bencharisma many are hoping for. He often closes his eyes when speaking which is a display of discomfort. Although closing in on Trump he needs more big moments.


    Marco Rubio. His words were clean and concise but his sweating and dry mouth tell a different story. He was caught wiping his brow and often drinking fluids when he didn’t think the camera was on him. At the beginning of the debate you could see the beads of sweat on his temples.







    Overall, the candidates are coming out of their shells and showing their true selves.

    I like how CNN shot the debate much more than Fox did because they often split the screen and we could see other candidates when they didn’t know the camera was on them which let’s us see them when their guard is down.

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