Political Debates and Taking Up Space

    Political season is upon us. Here comes some fun and here comes an opportunity to discover what some of our presidential wannabes have to say with their bodies.

    Did you know that the study of Body Language started during a presidential debate? It’s true! The date was Sept 26, 1960. John F. Kennedy challenged Richard Nixon to the debate. At that point in American history about half of Americans owned a television and the other half listened to the debate on the radio.

    Kennedy was wearing make-up, Nixon was not. Kennedy was smooth with his gestures, Nixon leaned on the podium. Kennedy was aware a second camera might turn to him while Nixon was talking so he kept his physical demeanor positive at all times. Nixon looked downward and blinked rapidly when he assumed the camera was on Kennedy.

    Polls showed that fifty percent of Americans that watched the debate on television thought Kennedy won the debate by wide margins. The other half of Americans that listened to the debate on the radio thought Nixon won.

    The scientific community then began to study the importance of out non-verbal communication.

    The first Republican Debate was just televised on Fox News and received record ratings. Some say it’s because of Donald Trump. Who really knows?

    Let’s look at a few pictures of the debate and what we can take home and use in our own lives.

    Remember, we are ALWAYS selling something… sometimes that “something” is ourselves.

    We’ll focus on two primary gestures.

    #1 Taking Up Space
    #2 The Modified Finger Point

    Taking Up Space is just that. When we spread our arms in wide movements and gestures we are telling the world we are powerful, charismatic and confident in our own abilities

    The Modified Finger Point is how we point our finger to not show contempt or point blame. The person on the receiving of a standard finger point feels as though they are being scolded or under attack. The modified finger point in simple… simply attach your forefinger or middle finger (or both) to your thumb and that it! It removes the sting attached to the listener.

    Enjoy the pics below and notice how politicians as well as you and I should implement the same gestures into our own communication.


     Body Language Politics




    Body Language The Modified FInger Point Politics


    Remember, these small town moves can create big city results in your personal life and business life. Give yourself an unfair advantage and understand all the tip and tricks of body language.


    Until next time,

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