How to Use Michael

Michael C. Anthony can be used in many ways to make your event everything you want it to be. All this while driving home an important message that will affect morale and your organizations bottom line.

Michael does this primarily through his keynote programs called Shut Up & Sell with your Body and  The Totally Mental Makeover.

Shut Up & Sell with your Body teach your sales force to to communicate more effectively non-verbally and know what the other person is REALLY thinking.

The Totally Mental Makeover is an entertainment driven keynote based on Michael’s Belief, Tenacity and Expectation strategy.

Most bring Michael in for an opening or closing keynote or at any time when meeting participants may be overloaded on business or “tech talk” He is the perfect ice-breaker and the perfect closing speaker.  Meeting surveys say time and time again that Michael was their favorite speaker. Why? Because Michael believes people learn and get inspired while they are having fun. Say good-bye to dull presentations and hello to an edge of your seat, mind boggling and exciting program. As we like to say… “There will be no sleeping in this class”

Michael can also be used for niche periods such as cocktail hour or during dinner. He can MC or be used in your hospitality suite. Just ask, we’ll explain all the surprises we have in store for your meeting or conference.

And don’t forget about Michael’s standing room only breakout session All Stressed Out and No One to Choke. It’s a laugh a minute Stress Busting session that not only makes a great ed-session but gives participants tools they can carry with them and enjoy less stress throughout their day.