5 Ways To Make A Bad First Impression

    What does your body language say about you? When you meet somebody new, are you making the impression you want to make? Or, are you making subtle, even unconscious faux pas that make other people cringe? If you want to sell, motivate or persuade, your first impression is vital!

    Let’s look at 5 ways you may be making a bad impression with your body language.


    A weak handshake can also be called the wet fish or the brush off. When your colleges are on the receiving end of a weak handshake they sum you up immediately. Is it fair? Not necessarily because you are amazing! You want to be sure your hand shake is firm, confident and that you make eye contact. A smile wouldn’t hurt either.


    What? Proxemics is a fancy word for how close you are standing or sitting to someone else. With friends you may be quite close, even touching. With colleagues you know well, you may be fairly close, maybe within inches. With colleagues you don’t know very well, it’s best to stay a foot or two away. If they can smell what you ate for lunch, it’s best to take a step back. Getting in someones personal space is a perfect way to make a bad impression.


    Do you want to be brought into Human Resources? Go ahead and make eye contact for a long period of time. Understand, eye contact is very important because a lack of eye contact is going to communicate that you are uncomfortable or nervous. But, making eye contact for too long doesn’t make somebody else think you are comfortable or confident. It’s important to be natural. Sure, look somebody in the eye but be sure that your eyes naturally look away from time to time so you don’t appear like a creeper.


    If you cover your face with your hand you will appear as though you are hiding something. People that are untrustworthy tend to touch their mouths for more than a few seconds in an attempt to actually hide. Why? Because they may have an ulterior motive. PLEASE… before judging someone that touches their mouth always create a baseline. Did they touch their mouth in a heated moment or in while in an awkward circumstance? OK, great, you may be on to something. But if they are scratching their mouth or removing breadcrumbs from their lip, it’s best to let it slide.


    Stay away from self soothing gestures when trying to make a strong first impression. What is a self soothing gesture? It is any movement where we attempt to sooth ourselves when feeling uncomfortable. Such as, wringing the hands, tapping our feet, touching or twirling your hair, putting a pen in your mouth, nibbling on your lip, fidgeting… you get the point. When we execute these gestures, others notice… even at an unconscious level.

    To make that excellent first impression, avoid these traps. Smile, make natural eye contact and let the world know you are someone that is approachable, prepared and ready to conquer the world!


    Live you BEST LIFE!

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