3 Body Language Crimes You May Be Guilty Of

    3 Body Language Crimes

    You work, you play and you interact with others everyday… unless you are a hermit. If you are a hermit, you likely don’t have and internet connection and aren’t reading this, so you get a free pass.

    For the rest of you…  did you know there are several non verbal crimes you may be committing each and every day? At the office, at a restaurant, in a meeting.

    In the world of non-verbal communication, people will always trust what they see, far more than what they hear. So be on the lookout for the visuals.

    What are these crimes? What are these traps we fall into that may be sending the wrong message to important people?

    1. You Touch Your Face When You Talk
    Booooo…. we shouldn’t be touching our face when we are talking. Why? Because it indicates that we’re dishonest or that we are trying to hide something. If you touch your mouth it indicates that you literally touching the guilty part of your body or that you are trying to put the spilt words back into your mouth. When you touch your neck, you are showing discomfort and stress. This is where we get our term “hot under the collar.”

    2. You Hide Your Hands
    Have you ever seen somebody put there hands in their pockets? Sit on their hands? Tuck them into their sleeves?
    This is somebody that isn’t committed. This is someone trying to hide. If you want to appear present and available, be sure your hands are showing. If you want to be VERY open, be sure the palms of your hands are showing.

    3. You Fidget
    We’ve all seen ’em. And we’ve all been guilty of this one. When we tap our fingers, or our pen, bounce our knees with our feet we are telling the world we are uncomfortable and would rather be elsewhere. Watch the fidgeter,  you’ll notice they are likely looking at the door as well because they want to use it to go elsewhere.

    We are always selling ourselves. Remember, people will make a decision on whether we are trustworthy or not in a matter of seconds. So stop touching your face, keep your hands where we can see ’em and sit still. Just like mamma taught you.