The Comedy Hypnosis Show

Imagine… several of your friends are on stage to volunteer for Michael C. Anthony’s comedy hypnosis show. Michael snaps his fingers and one at a time, your friends fall to the floor into a hypnotic trance. After giving some crazy hypnotic suggestions insanity ensues…

One of your friends can’t remember his name no matter how hard he tries, another friend feverishly dives across the laps of the other volunteers as she believes she is the worlds first human seat belt. Shortly after that all the guys on the stage open their legs because they are delivering 12lb babies… another girl believes she is in a beauty pageant while your most intelligent friend is rolling across the stage in combat shooting invisible aliens with his shoe. Sounds crazy? It is!

Michael C. Anthony’s comedy hypnosis show “Hypnotized” is a critically acclaimed masterpiece that has been touring colleges and performing arts centers for over a decade. It is an avant garde blend of the human psyche and eye-popping theater. Critics have deemed the show “the funniest thing we have ever seen”. 

Michael has been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox. VH1 calls him “The best stage hypnotist on the planet.”

Campus Activities Magazine awarded Michael with “Male Entertainer of the Year” and have nominated him an amazing 7 times!  

Do not miss the most hysterical, mind numbing show that you will ever see. You can SEE the Show or BE the show.